Friday, May 18, 2007

Prayer Blaster

Jesus loved you so much, that he died for you on the Cross.
Do you have a prayer you would like to share with people from all over the world.
Please leave a comment, and your prayer will be seen by as many people that view this blog.

Jesus died for all who believe in him, I believe.


wastepower said...

I have a Brother-in-law that's ill with cancer. He's just about given up. He's tired of being a human ginny pig for a desease that has no cure for most. Please Jesus heal him.

Anonymous said...

jesus died for our sins. please do not let him have died in vain. sin more often. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but grace is not a cheap thing. We all sin, but Jesus is there when we stubble along the straight and narrow.

WVO said...

My prayer would be a nation with no need for foriegn oil for fuel. Lord Jesus let this come to be. I know it is possible. The Department of Energy has already stated that every diesel truck in america could be driven off of biodiesel fuel supplied from algae farms. Make Biodiesel Now!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please pray that Dana and Brent will find it in their hearts to attend couples counseling to overcome their problems with communication, conflict resolve, finances, and forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please pray that a person/(s) who Harasses me may stop, permanently, also we are not getting our salary on schedule for the past one year , please pray that this may stop and that we may get it regularly also that creditors may not harass me tommorow , that I get a good extremely high paying job offer for a year or two so that I can pay of all my debts and have some left over.
Also a good report for my daughter and mother.Please pray that , I get news that we shall get our February salary in the evening tommorow and March's salary by the 5th of April and that GOD knows what I mean